Sport and sex: a well-matched marriage

And how do you favor physical exercise when having sex?Well, to begin with it helps to increase two hormones, very advisable for this relationship, endorphins and testosterone.The former are known as the substances of pleasure. These are small protein charges released through the spinal cord and the bloodstream.

They improve good mood, create a state of well-being, calm, reduce pain … and that’s because they are natural opiates that are up to twenty times more powerful than pain medications.

As for testosterone , it is the male sex hormone secreted especially in the testicle, but also, and to a lesser extent, in the ovary and in the adrenal cortex, and has morphological, metabolic and psychic effects.

The clinical sexologist Nayara Malnero, who for 7 years has been bringing education and sexual health through her channel  SEXperimentando , has explained to EFEsalud the important role that sport also plays in sex at a physical level.

It highlights its fundamental contribution to the regulation of breathing, elasticity and agility.

But, he warns, not all sports are indicated to favor better sexual relations.

The professional bicycle or intensive and running “can cause problems related to erectile dysfunction and low ejaculatory control in men, as well as difficulties for penetration in women.”

“In fact there are professional cyclists who have problems.”

Pelvic floor

To prevent and avoid pelvic floor problems, the sexologist recommends exercises that strengthen the muscles below the uterus , bladder and large intestine.

Orgasms and Chinese balls

For women, the orgasms themselves serve as a strengthening exercise, or the use of Chinese balls.

sex and sport

It is also effective a practice as simple as r elajar and tighten the muscles that control the flow of urine and is recommended to do three times a day, sitting or lying down.

“Performing them on a regular basis is a preparation for sexual activity that, in practice, translates into an extra pleasure for both men and women.”

 For men, the sexologist also recommends Kegel exercises, which are nothing else, although not easy at the beginning, to tighten the muscles that control the flow of urine.

And returning to sports, sexual relations at the end are a cardiovascular exercise considered moderate or low, so any sport that promotes or accompanies in this regard is good.

“There is also a direct relationship between physical exercise, weight loss and body image that also has to do with sexual desire.”

But sex “does not have to lead to more sport, although it is true that especially men ask me whether doing more physical exercise improves their endurance and endurance in sexual relationships.”

Sport and sex: what do the youngest think?

However, a significant percentage of young people are not aware of how sports can contribute to improving their sexual life, according to the sixth barometer ‘Youth and sex’ prepared by CONTROL, a specialist in wellness and sexual entertainment.

The study, monitored by Alpha Research and conducted online to a sample of 2,000 young Spaniards, men and women, between 18 and 35 years, reports that up to 50.8% of respondents acknowledge not giving importance to their sexual partner do sport, compared to 49.2% if it gives a lot or a lot of importance.

But it is striking that up to 30.7% highlights the change in the physical aspect of sport for your partner, instead of the benefits that would mean both for your health and your sex life.

Women declare themselves with greater problems in reaching orgasm, and exceed 50% of the female population.

Mobile and cybersex

20% of young people have risky sex and 2 out of 10 respondents say they do not know the state of health of the person with whom they go to bed, either because they trust that they do not have any problem or because they do not directly They had raised this question.


About cybersex, about 40% of respondents say they have practiced at some point in their lives.

The use of the Smartphone is also the order of the day to send photographs or videos with sexual content. Tinder, the queen of applications.

The 56.4 percent of the respondents that affirm to use applications or social networks to maintain sexual relations, affirms that Tinder is the used application, followed of Badoo and Grindr.

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